So I have been jobless since a little bit before the wedding, almost 2 months now.
I thought while editing the site .... why not start one of these things! I highly doubt I will be consistant about writing on this, but I will try.
So today I will tell you how to/about my experience making decorative garden balls. Yup. Balls for your garden. Delightful!

Styrofoam balls whatever size you choose (mixing and matching is my favorite)
my trusty Hot Glue Gun
grout (sanded)
glass beads or decor of some sort
rags are always good to have handy

First glue the decor onto the ball leaving some space between each piece.
Let glue totally dry.
Next grout the balls, when mixing the grout mix it up a little on the thicker side.
Rub the grout in with a damp sponge.
As it dries you will need to wipe off the glass pieces with the sponge. Just rinse it in a bucket often.
The last step, seal them with a grout sealer.

*Note: Read the instructions on the grout before doing this. NEVER rinse it in the sink. It is a cement & no drain cleaner will get it out…

**The photo above is not the one I did. My variation is below. I used fabric paint instead of grout. Due to lows crafting funds at the moment. There is also a slide show at the bottom of other examples I found online. No idea who did them but I give them all credit. Beautiful!!